2013 - 2018 Years

Annually Fire Fighting Training

[17 September 2016]
For compliance with the safety related laws, our company was continuously about the Fire Fighting Training. In this year we was honored from Don Hua Roh Municipal for 2 days to lecture about theory of fire and practice in-clued fire drill as well.

First Aid Training

[16 September 2016]
This year we held the First Aid training with supported by BMC Plus Hospital. In this course we got the knowledge about First Aid, Patient moving and Cardiopulmonary (CPR). Next step we will invite other employee to participate for in-crease the knowledge about First Aid.

KYT Training

[20 August 2016]
This is the new activity that begin in this year for increase awareness to our employee. The KYT Training in this time we train our employee to know KYT, practice KYT Activity in this class and continue practice KYT Activity at their section in everyday.

Safety Driving Training

[20 August 2016]
Our company has been committed to give the safety to the end user as automotive part manufacturer. So, before we give the safety to user we will get the safety in our mind first and From these reasons we prepare the Safety Driving Training for increase awareness to our employee.

Safety Slogan Contest

[September 2015]
The 3rd safety slogan contest came up with the slogan delivered about 114 slogans. The winner who have won is Mr.Anajak Srijampralang awarded by Mr.Koji Misawa (President).

Completely Check
Completely Find out (CCCF)

[April 2015]
CCCF is a activity to find dangers of each area in the organization Everyone must be search and finding a solution together on April 2015 started this project from Oct. 2015 onward.

Safety Slogan Contest

[August 2014]
The 2nd safety slogan contest came up with the slogan delivered more then 30. The winner who have won is Ms.Songporn Manoonphol (Accounting Department) awarded by Ms.Supranee Musiksran (Last year winner).

Annually Fire Fighting Training

[22 October 2014]
The annually event which held as of the safety related laws was continuously occurred, it was Fire Fighting Training. For this year, we have invited trainers from Klong Tamru Municipal for one and a half days lecture, fire evacuation practice and first aid training as well.

Annual Fire Fighting Training

[20 Semtember 2013]
Annual Fire Fighting Training, the second consecutive year. On the contraryheightened our awareness on being well-prepared for safeness of everyone. how to deal with fire situation, how to evacuate and how to first aid properly and in the timely manner.

Safety Slogan Contest

[August 2013]
The First safety slogan contest was very successful with over 70 slogans submitted. The winner is Ms. Supranee by Mr.Koji Misawa (president).